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    The Firm - Remake of a classic 80's hooligan film (one for the old boys)

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    The Firm - Remake of a classic 80's hooligan film (one for the old boys)

    Post  The dog n gun on Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:11 pm

    Just been looking at the new Nick Love's remake of the classic cult movie The Firm, and i have to say it looks prity good check it out > To be honest its the clobber and the few scenes of rows that make it prity realistic of the scene back then although true to cockneys they go a little over the top with some of the clobber 90% of it looks totally bang on........Tachini, Fila, Diadora, Pringle, Lylle & Scott, La Coste, Burburry, bleeched jeans, hair cuts and the like all looks prity much the bussiness (check out the stills).......

    On another note what are your best memmories of the days gone by, clobber, games, nights out and not just for the old lads, you young-uns stick your 2 penth worth...

    Mine has to be mid 80's i think around 85 season, millwall, chelsea, leeds, bradford, barnsley, both sheffield teams, pompy, newcastle, think we had pompey last match of season and they brought fucking thousands, at the time we were meating up outside JJB Sports (now Mc Donalds on the corner), and around the police box, (which is gone), clobber of the time was E11R Benetton tops, Lee flare chords, gazelle or Jeans, Burburry golf jackets or Berghaus, (remember wilberforts window going through most weekends), boozers were the dog and gun, Broadway, Royal swan, going out saterday night was sunsets, and later on videotech, what was the club above McDonalds called???, earlier days we'd go dollars in bradford but that was nocked on the head after a serious incident in the interchange, clothiers over holmfirth way springs to mind when one of our lads would drive us about in his transit, every weekend back then was mayhem at football in those days, saterday nights were just as bad, and the clobber and hairstyles were classic (ha ha ha), like i say having a look at the above new film just brought back a few memmories......

    Loads ive missed out but any of you old boys got any classic memmories?? and you not so young-uns anymore will have a few good memmories of this fucking outstanding town!!!!

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    Re: The Firm - Remake of a classic 80's hooligan film (one for the old boys)

    Post  olderfyc on Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:58 am

    only things i remember about huddersfield in the eighties was the regular row outside the corner of the main stand and cowshed every time we played. the linesman getting battered (still got a cutting in the local paper of it) and nicking shit loads of cars (they wernt reported in greater manchester in the days before computers Very Happy ) not nicked any now though for going on 20 years.

    as far as the firm film went - becksey Very Happy

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