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    Post  young casual on Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:31 pm

    Just got mesen thinking (it's dangerous I know). Looking around a few boards and fell upon the service crew and they happen to have pasted a thread from this site regarding top 3 firms, anyway they seem absolutley adamant that they took over our town in 84 and their version of events over more recent meetings with us in leeds seems to be completley different to my version, so i understand there is a load of shite posted by nobs but why can honest folks stories differ so much depending on which side of the fence you sit?

    When we went to leeds in the cup a few years ago my view - we met very early in bradley (11ish?) while more met in cleckheaton, we then all arrived in Leeds at 1.30ish when for a drink in walkabout where I would say we ended up 100-150 handed, one taxi bumped in to a load of leeds and it may be fair to say came off 2nd best.

    The lot of us then leave walkabout and walk from there to Yates's with at the most 2 old bill, this walk is from one end of leeds to the other and we march completley unaposed, (I do really wish we had gone in to spencers like) anyway in yates more and more town keep arriving and we are locked down by old bill but eventually we see some leeds knocking about, window gets put through as we try to get out to em but by then old bill have it sorted. At the game as soon as if finish we walk together turn right and fly straight in to leeds, one leeds lad stands (game as fuck aswell) rest are off on their toes, the lad that stands gets pumelled, that is what I witnessed with my own eyes no bull shit just the truth as i see it.

    Leeds version- we got taken by police to yates with a massive escort, they did our top boys, and the lads outside the ground were shirties.

    Genuine question - "How can two stories of the same incident be so different?", cheers

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    Post  olderfyc on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:16 pm

    even half the leeds lads themselves think their site is full of idiots who havent got a clue. some of them posted about oldham doing leeds in leeds as a load of shite until some of their lads who were there put them straight and told them to stop embarrassing them.

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    Post  osti86 on Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:18 am

    In my opinion leeds are still trying to live from a name created in the 80's when they were one of the best firms around. But nowadays what do they do? They try terrorise smaller teams in the league like Peter'boro & Northampton for e.g. taking such a massive mob to peter'boro & not coming here? why, probly because they knew they would take the piss their. Not saying their shite now, because i know differently from walking outside elland road this year when we beat them just to see the size of the baying mob, they certainly still have the numbers.
    Leeds have always seemed to be a firm though who dont like to give any credit out, they slagged us off for going to becketts bank while the game was on, yet bradford do the opposite & drink on the out skirts & call it on at dry salters after the game & they slag them off for not coming to the centre, you cant win with leeds really. Everyone that was their that day in the cup knew we took the piss walking from one end of the city to the other unopposed, not just sitting tooked up in a boozer for a few hours try to claim something! (verve ring any bells) Shocked

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    Post  Hgate_terrier on Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:10 am

    Remember that lad of theres who stood outside Elland road in the cup game i ended going home with his Hugo boss cap ha.

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    Post  Boyo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:10 am

    Leeds will always be leeds self a claimed super firm thats never been done WHEN IT MATTER. Yes in 80s they were prob one of the best around and they keep saying thats when it matter. Well doesnt it matter no more because if that was the case why have Leeds took firms to peterbourgh northampton etc. If it didnt matter any more Leeds wouldnt have a firm would they. If it didnt matter no more why did Leeds take 100 lads on saturday to wallsal. If it didnt matter no more why are Leeds creaming there pants over playing Millwall soon. If it didnt matter any more why are Leeds getting giddey hopeing they get Millwall in the play off final IF THEY GET THERE. The when it matterd bollocks is something they like to hide behind when they come of 2nd best to smaller firms. Which in huddersfields case is more often then not. Thing i dont get is they say they didnt travel last season cause they dont give to fucks about hudds. Well i thought they fucking hated man utd with a passion yet the super firm have never done fuck all at old trafford. There a funny old firm leeds hit and miss in my view on there day rate them but fucking hate them Smile

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