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    Post  Out of Town on Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:57 am

    Only caught the end of what appears a small off as perhaps 15-20 H'pool, looked older end, probably the van load that were down in Rickys pre match went looking for it. For some reason, only stewards were around at first, the area by the coaches is normally saturated with plod, not sure if this group were by the buses initially and came down towards the slope or had just walked out the away end thru the top car park and down the main slope. Heard the chants go up way ahead a couple of baldies firing into younger town and trading punches that quickly died out when the ob did arrive to corden them off. From what I heard and was clearly evident, there was very few lads out on the day in the ground at least, the few in the riverside, most had left (as usual) a few mins early, the Kilner bank lot congregating at the bottom of the slope thought singing would do just the job and seems town basically underestimated their opponents. At 90 mins very few away fans had left at 2-1 and they were clearly up and out on the final whistle and looking for it.

    They've always had a tidy firm, got a good rep, a lot of old lads still active up there and can be a difficult away day and we've not played them on a saturday fixture for yonks, they were going well in the league, so fully expected more on the day than the 600.

    It was mentioned later there's a camera up by the golf range covering the bridge now so suspect matters were being clocked and a couple of monkey hangers could well be getting hauled in for their efforts, which would explain the clear hesitancey amongst the Hudders lot not to get too involved.

    Always make you wonder these incidents aren't been encouraged with such a low key OB presence against rated opponents knowing cameras have it all in hand, play yeovil and half the mounted section are out!!

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    Post  Boyo on Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:50 pm

    Wasnt present myself yesterday but this seasoon so far has been eventful for hudds but with Charlton now this if its been caught on camera we wont have a mob left by time old bill have finished there already dished 3 civil bans out this season and the season is only 17 games gone Evil or Very Mad Baseicaly you have more chance of getting away with an armed robbery than you have haveing an off at football.

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