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    Leeds game and the scene in general

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    Leeds game and the scene in general Empty Leeds game and the scene in general

    Post  The dog n gun on Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:54 pm

    Taken from a post on the Ointment site...

    QUOTE (hudds @ Dec 7 2009, 09:14 PM)
    Well mate not haveing a dig but did Leeds even have a mob out sat. 60 of us landed in mini buses by the bq industrial estate no old bill with us and walked all the way to elland rd with not a sniff of a leeds mob about you had one or two bods lurking about but didnt fancy there chances against the nums. By time we were approaching the peacock the the old bill had spotted us and were confused how we had got a mob that far undetected. A few of yours started appearing and one of your main faces starts shouting after the game which one of ours replied you know which way we have come in. After game a bit of tension but the same 60 of us got it together again and walked mob handed exactly the way we came towards Morley no old bill followed. Now a few Leeds were tailing us on there blowers but no Leeds mob appeared and we ended walking all the way to bottom of Morley to the new inn boozer were after about 20 mins old bill finally ended our day. Now for one i can honestly say 60 Leeds would have no way walked with no escort in hudds and not got it never would that happen. Contact was made with Leeds chaps one saying they knew we were in Morley before game but Leeds only had 30 lads out and it wasnt enough for a go . Be honest now ship why is it Leeds can never perform against hudds. In League cup we turned up in city centre got slated when we played in league 50 of us showed with no tickets while game was on got slated. Saturday we show in Morley and then walk mob handed all the way to elland rd no old bill with us and some leeds still slate us for not going to beeston hill if we wanted it that bad fuck me what more we could of done to get a row on saturday is beyond me. Leeds never have shown in hudds each time we have played them and last season leeds backed out in meeting off side some where in hudds when we had 150 to 200 lads waiting. The sooner we can stop playing Leeds the better waste of time. Hurry up and get promoted shitford

    I'll be honest with ya fella,,,like i was telling bradlad earlier,,bottom line is we couldn't be bothered.Yes we knew you were about and i was with some older lot,am 38 and my days of chasing shadows are over..If we had come up, no doubt the old bill would had followd(no excuse). Every home we have the OB just watching what we do,,we did see you outside the ground walking in,,,,anyone who starts outside the ground these days will for sure get a knock..

    Don't take personally mate,,as for not performing, you'll know Leeds have the numbers,,fair play to your 40,50,60 whatever figure for coming across,,,but we just couldn't be arsed..We were talking about it,,the beer was flowing and we thought fuck it can't be bothered with this,,so respect for coming mate,,but we had numbers to match but we had a day off..

    Me personally am slowly coming away from the scene,,done my bit over the years with Leeds & England,,rather sit down with any lad and have a pint these days...

    santa santa santa santa santa santa

    Me personaly im thinking along the same lines as the leeds lad about the scene these days......alot of the older lads are drifting away and the ones that do show there face are more interested in a day out on the lash, i know leeds were out that day and like any firm these days its game over soon as you step foot in your own boozer, it takes alot of planning to get out of the all seeing eye of the old bill and the lads like myself who've been at this game since 15yr old in the mid 80's some 20 years on n off are like the leeds lad says too old to chase shadows Rolling Eyes, thing is cameras and sentences make you think abit more.

    Ive got all the respect in the world for the 60 or so lads that made it in to leeds and i think its good that we got a few together for this fixture although on past games we've always turned out for leeds, before during and after in most recent events, nothing major to report , our cup game was a good one, 150 lads in leeds early doors, 200+ out other season at home a mile out of town and last season at home around the same early doors out of the way, leeds have managed 40 or so of there old heads in verve keeping a low profile untill it was too late, and the 15 or so who got mullard in the Vulcan (nutters) Laughing , thats all we've seen of leeds in recent years....., watch out how many the fuckers turn out for man utd ??.
    Out of Town

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    Leeds game and the scene in general Empty Re: Leeds game and the scene in general

    Post  Out of Town on Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:04 pm

    good series of posts & views above taken from Oinkment site, which is funny in itself.

    A decent turnout from Town with tkt restrictions faced, not sure if the 60 mentioned is a tad high but as i did my own thing Saturday, wasn't there to comment when dropped off before or afterwards back to the new inn to take the uneventful walk down bellend rd and all the way up churwell hill.

    It may be considered the same as away fans heading down from the Peacock/ICI side at town as the Dry Salters is generally a home fans haunt, with a few away mixed in. What was clear on the whistle was plenty of Leeds hanging around the Billy Bremner and Peacock area (once again) and despite the bottle neck and heavy ob presence, nowt went off but certainly towns mob slow shuffle turning right at the turnstiles was being monitored, so they can't say they didn't know.

    As i passed the statue it was full of kids gobbing off with stewards and ob within earshot trying to be clever but basically quiet.

    My mate was some good way ahead of the town lot down ER with his kids in tow and rang to say they had a bunch of leeds lads asking shirters where our lads where?? Behind you perhaps!

    Like the l**ds responder said, it takes a lot of effort and desire now to move from a known boozer that may have an ob presence outside and make a trip 3-4 miles away on the strength of a phone call from someone who knows someone who said...

    Turnouts are clearly dwindling, perhaps on both sides and across the scene
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    Leeds game and the scene in general Empty Re: Leeds game and the scene in general

    Post  young casual on Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:22 pm

    so a town lad puts the true facts on an ointment board, which is then copied and pasted on a town board, with 2 respected posters pissing up l***s backs. if your done your done fair play, cant say im there very often mesen these days.

    But dont tell me out of 35000 home supporters they have all given up.

    Fair fucks to 60 lads walking the length of bellend road before and after and not even a murmur.

    bradford came peacock way a few years ago and got fucking mullered outside mcdonalds, L***s have had it with man u on that same journey and it goes off.

    In my honest opinion with my two little eyes, been there 4 times, never brought nowt here - l***s are shite
    Bradford Lad

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    Leeds game and the scene in general Empty Re: Leeds game and the scene in general

    Post  Bradford Lad on Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 am

    To be fair Lads that Leeds lad who posted on our board does know is stuff ...

    I know the lad personally and he knows his stuff ...

    By the sounds of things you lot had a decent mob out and Leeds didn't want to know ...

    It sound like a re-run of the JPT game between ourselfs and Leeds last year ...

    Anyway feel free to Join our board it's a decent run board by myself would be good to hear your side of the story on previous incidents between both our mobs

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    Leeds game and the scene in general Empty Re: Leeds game and the scene in general

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