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    Leeds hooligan reputation is one that has not been earned in the right way.
    Im not agreeing with hooliganism but there are some major factors.
    99% of genuine hooligans, casuals, lads, whatever you want to call them will only attack rival 'firms', not familys, or 'scarfers'.
    You can say what you like about Millwall, West Ham, Cardiff, Tottenham, etc but they do generally only fight like minded people, with perhaps the exception of Wolves.
    Leeds on the other hand have made a reputation of attacking familys, smashing everything in sight {how brave - windows cant fight back can they}. Leeds supporters actually seem proud of their reputation, despite its a reputation for going against all the hooligan 'rules' so to speak.
    Now im not saying hooliganism is right, but if one firm and another firm want to fight each other then so what - as long as no innocents are caught up. I know innocent people sometimes do get dragged in but this is frowned at and disgusts genuine lads, it doesnt disgust Leeds fans, they seem proud of it.
    Norwich had close to 300 lads out yesterday, Leeds had about 100, yet despite those numbers, all the reports are that Leeds, despite having like minded lads to have a pop at decided to have a go at normal supporters.
    Leeds hooligans are proud of thier reputation - even though the country despises what they do and their below the belt tactics.
    They are not called the seat smashers for nothing. They would rather smash a window or punch an OAP than have it with lads from the opposition.
    Leeds are a joke in the casual world - thee a good reason why everyone sings we all hate Leeds scum - and I think Norwich fans saw that reason yesterday,
    The same Leeds fans who smash grounds up because they claim other fans sing turkish songs, are the same Leeds fans who sing about the munich crash, hillsborough, the Bradford fire - they are scum.
    Leeds think they have a bad {good} hooligan reputation, this is not true, ask any genuine hooligan in England what they think of Leeds and nobody respects them.
    Ok the odd club you get a few barmy beer monsters who will hit anyone after a defeat - however proper lads will have a go regardless of the result.
    Leeds are proud to be scum, attacking anyone from children to pensioners and the disabled, they have been doing this since the 70s and wont change now.
    Leeds have absoloutly zero respect in the hooligan world - if thats any comfort to you or not is another thing, but im just pointing out, that they think they are living up to thier reputation - well they are, as a scum firm, with zero respect.

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