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    Post  Out of Town on Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:33 am

    Thoughts on y'day....

    Only a 2nd away mob all season of note so credit for making the effort having not seen them home or away in
    any number since 1992 playoff at Leeds Rd (as they were kind enough to remind us)conveniently forgetting that day they found the safety of the Woodman to their liking before ko, then were battered in any number around the ground & all the way back to town after beating us 2-1. Beleive they turned up early doors 10.30 by train ob straight onto them,refused entry to Vulcan, up to cherry Tree then sunning it outside Lloyds,joined by singers to swell the numbers, 40 proper mob similar number of singers found them.

    Plenty of large inside, but interesting to see how slow they left after, were confronted at the steps and didn't make too many forward steps down before plod got between the half dozen town. Appeared a good few were trying to come down past the mainstand towards the Ropewalk, nothing on the walk back up town so decided to call it a day.
    Did notice at the lights by the sports centre 2 of the bottom corner lot blend in on their own 20 yards apart, then 3 more by Sainsbury coming up from the Aspley back into town. You could call that clever tactics to mob back up later but I think they shat it when we clearly had fewer out and this was their older end 'elite'.
    Talking about shat it, didn't the team for 85 mins, don't install much confidence for run in and high pressure games to come.

    Perhaps could well be seeing them again soon at this rate.

    My take on events I saw, interested to hear of owt else .

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