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    Oldham today ???

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    Oldham today ??? Empty Oldham today ???

    Post  The dog n gun on Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:54 pm

    They had some good numbers out today but they were dotted about in smaller groups, old bill over-kill as per, fair play to oldham youth who made it over early doors, pity you came unstuck affraid in the boozer from around 25 of our youth and the odd older lad, dont know what your numbers were in the boozer as you wouldnt come out after a few of ours getting in, and not too sure if it was the same mob who had a charge at another boozer in the center but had it on your toes when we emptied out into the street, heard there was another incident up by the sports center which sounded a decent off but cant really comment, nothing much afer game although our youth plotted up and waited for you while us older lot went for a beer, dont know if your older lot turned out as last i heard they were drinking over the tops in some village, all in all our young-uns had a good day and fair play to your young-uns.

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    Oldham today ??? Empty Re: Oldham today ???

    Post  olderfyc on Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:09 am

    i heard about the bridge where your lot decided to put on a free firework display. about 70 young ones in there, but they said they couldnt get out due to all the missles being thrown through the doorway, so they did what you lot did and threw them all back. heard a few lifted on both sides for that.

    dont know anything yet about the sports centre, but that was probably the over 40's coach of old lads.

    20 of us older lot who were banned, ended up in a boozer on wakefield rd i think it was, as we got told the pubs on le-eds rd were all shut on police advice and it would have been a waste of time going in hudds town centre.

    also got a phone of our lad in thailand to tell us 70 of yours were just going to visit a pub with about 20 of us lot in. we thought we were going to be busy, but it must have been a different group.

    believe also that west yorkshire police did the usual and bused everyone miles away who they found drinking anywhere in hudds.
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    Oldham today ??? Empty Re: Oldham today ???

    Post  old fyc on Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:34 am

    not going to get into a slanging match here, but i will say the bridge incedent was a surprise really with the yth, and they should of been ready. but the firework and gas just took them by surprise. by the time they had finished throwing everything out the doors and getting out, the old bill was all over, gets me why you had the old bill with you , cant understand that. Shocked there was plenty of lads there yesterday, 40 went into the gas works, another load was on the tops, your right about that. the ones in cars, all banned lads where in the boozer on wakefield road near liddl all through the game and left at 4-45. in this boozer , huds where told where we was, but didnt want to come up where they said they had 5 in the wellington, on driving past about 20 stood outside, phone call to huds to say come up, and the lad says come to the wellington. full of old bill. but none with us. Shocked ,bits and bats after game, where a couple of oldham got nicked.didnt hear ov any one getting run or done, it was really apart from the yth incident. anone event with old bill getting the result, heard every one was up for the train and to go past your pub like before, but there was 2 many and the old bill put them on 3 buses and took them back to oldham under escort.the 20 on wakefield road was the only ones with no old bill calling it on and got no responce.maybe you was all in the game. its still a good fixture thoe. probably one of the liveliest arround in the lower leagues. no results to claim. think it was poor

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    Oldham today ??? Empty Re: Oldham today ???

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